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Empire National Nursery fast growing trees for home and garden landscaping Empire National Nursery, LLc We are America's first 24 hour On-Line Nursery. Our greenhouses are packed with tree seedlings,
shrubs, and other landscaping plants. Our business is to promote tree planting for home landscaping, farming, garden plantings and reforestation tree planting projects nationwide. We invite youto browse around, and learn about our growing selection of trees and other nursery plants.

How to Order:
                        Use our other webpage - ( )

Most items ship from late-November through early Spring. Best to "Plan Early... Order Early... and take Delivery Early".

We can best be contacted at - ( )


Just Copy/Paste that address into your browser... that cart works fine. Same products, same everything...

There are 3 Ways to Order.

1) Email us with a list, and we can send you a PayPal payment request. Our email is ( nursery@ );

2) You can use our other Catalog webpage ( ) and send payment to us at ( We will confirm right away.

3) Mail-in your order. Make a list of the items, add it up, add $8.95 shipping (no sales tax), and send it with a check or money order to our address below. Your order will get sent out right away.

You can use your credit card to complete the order. Or, you  can use PayPal to complete the transaction. Either log into your PayPal account, or log in as a Guest (and use any credit card). We will get your order processed and shipped shortly.

Our Mailing Address:

Empire National Nursery, LLc
15746 Highway 174
Mount Vernon, MO 65712

We apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks for your understanding.